This old walled medina town surrounded by modern development, located around 80 kilometers south of Agadir was founded in 1881 by Sultan Hassan I and quickly became a trade center. Tiznit still remains a provincial capital and center for Berber jewelry, with a souk devoted to the silver stuff. The slow-paced city of Tiznit with its dusty medina lanes and conservative but friendly inhabitants, is a convenient stop-off between the Anti-Atlas and Atlantic coast.

You can sneak peek into the picturesque town of Tiznit on your trip to Morocco and experience the local Berber culture. The amazing red-ochre pisé walls of Tiznit forms the major tourist attraction apart from pleasant climate and friendly locals.

  1. Souss-Massa National Park

Located 40 kilometers north of Tiznit, this 33,800 hectare national park is a perfect place for nature lovers and ornithologists. Established in 1991, the estuaries of the Oued Souss and Oued Massa forms the northern and southern limit of the park respectively. The sanctuary is home to several birds such as the flamingos, the bald ibis, red necked nightjar, thick billed lark and other endangered varieties. This park has a nature trail at Oued Souss and a visitor center at Oued Massa. Do not forget to capture these extinct species in your DSLR on your Morocco vacation.

  1. Place El Méchouar

This large square built by the end of 19th century was once a place of allegiance where religious ceremonies and royal speeches were held in public. Representing the heart of the city of Tiznit, Place El Méchouar is close to the old medina and provides access to the Khalifa Palace. This area is surrounded by small shops, restaurants and cafes as well as affordable hotels. The hustle and bustle of this polygonal area attracts lot of foreigners who would stop-over to explore various merchandises on display.

  1. Khalifa Palace

This historical monument was built at the end of the 19th century, during the Alawite dynasty. This royal palace which once hosted the Alawite sultans, is made up of 2 large Riads with a beautiful garden. There is a wing with several halls and spaces dedicated to the staff of the palace. Located opposite the Colonial Palace near the Place el Méchouar, this piece of history is must visit on your Morocco travel.

  1. Grande Mosquée de Tiznit

Located in the Idelha district, next to Place El Méchouar, this historic mosque along with its minaret was built in 19th century. This mosque used to serve as a Madrassa and continues to teach Islamic jurisprudence to this day. Built on the remains of a former mosque, it is strangely mounted by wooden poles. Although non-Muslims aren’t allowed inside, the surrounding area is worth taking a leisurely stroll and clicking some pictures.

  1. Medina of Tiznit

Often considered as the soul of the city, this is a must visit place, that is very attractive for its quality of historical places like its former Jewish quarter of the Mellah and souks selling local handicrafts. The Berber jewels of the south Morocco are handmade jewelry and are made of enamels and semi-precious stones, are the specialities of Tiznit’s medina. Exploring the alleyways of this medina can be exciting on your trip to Morocco. The medina enclosed by a wall of five historic gates of Bab Aglou, Bab el Khemis, Bab Targa, Bab el Maader and Bab Oulad Jerrar; resembles those of Essaouira.

  1. Aglou Beach

About 16 kilometers northwest of Tiznit is the serene Aglou Beach, ideal for surfing. However if you are planning a day out with friends and family on the shores of the beach, it is highly advisable to pack a picnic as there are no shops or restaurant in the vicinity selling food. There is a little fishing village nearby worth visiting. Relax in the midst of sun-sand-sea and enjoy placid surroundings.