Life is a beach in Morocco and beach lovers are spoilt for choices to romance the sand, sea and sun. A trip to Morocco is incomplete unless you get tanned in the exotic beaches along the coastline of North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. A leisurely stroll along the sea witnessing the beauty of dawn and dusk must feature in every traveler’s wish list. Morocco holidays can’t get any better without exploring the large expanse of seafront.

Stretching across 2000 km, the sandy coastline of Morocco offers some stunning views from the laid back port cities. While beach lovers can laze around, the adventurers can seek solace in plenty of water sports available along various beaches. Holidays in Morocco are simply unaccomplished without enjoying the beach life to the fullest.

  1. Essaouira beach

Bright sunny days under candy floss skies characterized by strong sea winds make the coastal city of Essaouira one of the most sought after beach destination in Morocco. Known for kitesurfing and windsurfing, this coastal stretch is favourite among adventure lovers. Essaouria is known to be water sports’ haven. Essaouira Bay, Sidi Kaouki, Cape Sim and Mouley Bouzertoune are the most frequented spots by travellers. One can also ride camel and horse along the beach on a lazy day. Sun bathers and swimmers are served by sea facing hotels on the seafront boulevards. The fish market in the vicinity is known for fresh oysters and sea urchins. Undoubtedly this harbour city is one of the best places to visit in Morocco.

  1. Legzira beach

The captivating beaches of Legzira along the shores of Atlantic are perfect for a romantic stroll alongside your partner. Two impressive rock archways along the beach forms the main tourist attraction here. During low tide you can walk under the arch and enjoy splashing around in the waves and click some memorable moments. Located between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, this unique beach can be a part of your Morocco private trips.

  1. Taghazout beach

The fishing village of Taghazout, located north of Agadir in south-western Morocco is dotted with beaches each offering up their own special set of waves. La Source has attractive golden sands and waves fit for beginners, while Devil’s Rock is for the intermediate surfers and swimmers. One can find bliss in relishing fresh sea foods at the sea-view restaurants.

  1. Asilah beach

Asilah is a great beach destination, with a host of beaches to choose from both to the north and south of this coastal town. Rmilate Beach, also known as Paradise Beach or Playa de las Cuevas, is probably the most famous beach, known for its tranquillity and laid-back atmosphere. One can laze around at the café shacks serving cold drinks, freshly grilled sardines and delicious fish tagines. Afriquia Beach is another alternative in Asilah along with Briech beach, known for its stunning views of sunset.

  1. Al Hoceima

Sandy stretch along the Mediterranean coast with verdant Rif mountains in the backdrop are frequented by French and German tourists mostly besides other nationals. Known for its crystal clear water, a leisurely stroll along this charming beach followed by hiking up the cliff can be truly awesome. The local restaurants offer some great sea-foods to keep away your hunger pangs. Your Moroccan vacation is incomplete unless these wonderful seafronts are explored.