The capital city of Morocco wears several accolades on its sleeve. Besides being one of the four imperial cities of Morocco and being listed as a World Heritage Site, it was also ranked at second place by CNN in its “Top Travel Destinations of 2013”. Along the Atlantic Ocean, by the river of Bou Regreg, this port city is an important hub for Morocco’s textile, food processing and construction industries. Not to mention it is also a great tourist destination.

While history enthusiasts, culture vultures, shutterbugs, nature lovers and other backpackers would definitely put Rabat in their itinerary list, the adventurous travelers find this city amazing. Since it has plethora of adventure sports to offer, tourists round the globe loves to visit Rabat for some adrenaline rush. Don’t forget to indulge into some adventure sports on your next Morocco vacation.

  1. Water Sports

The beaches of Rabat are a great location to unwind, chill and enjoy a calm day in contrast to the busy city life. However, beyond those rainbow colored umbrellas and Hawaiian print beach towels there lies a challenge which the blue ocean with its rough waves throws it to its tourists. And only an adventure seeker would answer the call and dare to tame the rough and choppy sea. With ample options available, you can pick up a jet ski, a surf board or a windsurfing board and hit the waves. Be it an expert or an amateur adventure sport enthusiast, you just can’t ignore these fascinating water sports in Rabat. At Udayas beach, one can paddle out in a kayak to explore the coastline in a whole new light.

  1. Go Golfing

After exploring the coastline, you can indulge yourself in some recreational activities inland. And golfing could be a great option. Don’t forget to include Rabat on your next golfing trip to Morocco. Spread across 440 hectares of blissful greenery, the golf course of “Royal Golf Dar Es Salam” is a marvel of its kind. Swing your club to capture those holes in midst of a cork oak forest. Golfers and aesthetes undeniably find this place amazing.

  1. Enjoy Horse Riding

With many equestrian clubs in and around Rabat, horse lovers can indulge in their passion. A cross-country excursions on horseback can be truly eventful as a day outing or a few day trek along the Atlantic coast or in the hinterland forests. For the little ones, there are pony clubs to be explored. Royal Club Equestre du Lac, Poney Club de Rabat and Club El Harka could be your area of interest for you to enjoy those horseback riding in Morocco.

  1. Go Hiking

If you enjoy hiking then exploring the Akrach trail is a must. Not so far from Rabat, hikers can enjoy the fascinating trail of Moroccan countryside and experience the friendly locals and the local delicacies. The dusty road along with few green patches around can truly be a hiker’s paradise, your Morocco private trips can’t get better than this.

  1. Fly High

Truly adventurous travelers won’t forget to check out the Salé Aero Club. Formed in 1934, this club operates with one mission – enabling and realizing the childhood dream of flying. So for some real adrenaline pump do not forget to fasten your seatbelts in this flying facility. Your Morocco tourism will have a different meaning altogether once you visit this aero club. The state of art facilities at this club makes it a safe place to try paragliding, hang-gliding or even flying in a light aircraft.