The spectacle of Morocco lies in its scenic mountain ranges, expanse of stunning deserts, picturesque green oases, national parks filled with wildlife and stretches of coastline. Morocco tours are incomplete without exploring these natural beauties. As a part of the Mediterranean basin, this northwest African country has a wide range of biodiversity. And with varieties of avifauna, it remains a wonderful destination for the nature lovers and ornithologists to plan their next trip.

Morocco is nature lovers’ paradise and is ideal for its scenic waterfalls, glorious gorges, rocky mountain terrains, calm lagoons, verdant forests and valleys. Hence, make it a point to include all of these in your Morocco tour packages.

  1. Ouzoud Falls

Located near the Moyen Atlas village, 150 km northeast of Marrakech, the cascading falls of Ouzoud offers stunning views to the visitors. The 330 ft plunge down the rugged cliffs, surrounded by green valleys, mills and orchards in the vicinity is something that cannot be missed. You can also spot the indigenous Barbary apes that often assemble at the water body. A boat ride below can be really enchanting and a great opportunity for shutterbugs to capture few moments. You must visit Morocco for such delightful experience.

  1. Todgha Gorge

Trekking up the eastern side of the High Atlas Mountains provides access to the breath-taking views of Todgha gorge. The imposing walls of the canyon makes this gorge one of the most stunning rock formations in all of North Africa. Many adventurers and nature lovers put up to the campsites along the canyon floor during their trip. Undoubtedly the spectacular section of the gorge is the final half mile of the canyon where the rock formations begin to narrow. The walls are smooth and rise impressively on both sides making it difficult for the sunlight to reach this part of the valley, and the river water remains ice cold. At the end of the gorge the canyon suddenly opens up and the river runs freely. Your next trip to Morocco will help you witness this natural wonder.

  1. High Atlas Valleys

A trek to this valley can help you spot some Moroccan wildlife. This lush valley is home to mountain sheep, Barbary monkeys, eagles, falcons, lizards and varieties of snakes. The pristine valley offers a visual treat with rocky outcrops among the verdant greenery. Travellers get a chance to mingle with the friendly locals and taste freshly prepared home cooked food.

  1. Toubkal National Park

Covering 380 sq km, in the High Atlas mountain range, this park is an ideal place for nature lovers, hikers, family and friends to come together for a relaxing day out. The picturesque park is covered with green stretches of Juniper, Atlas Cedar, Holm-oak, Aleppo pine, Carob, Argan and Kermes Oak, with peaks of Toubkal, Ouanoukrim, L’Aksoual and Plateau de Tazarhart in the backdrop.

  1. Khenifra National Park

A must visit for the nature lovers, this park is home to two beautiful lakes (Lake Aguelmame Sidi Ali and Lake Aguelmame Aziza) and fragrant Atlas cedar trees. Spread across 935 sq km, this is a great site for camping in the lap of nature.

  1. Oualidia Lagoon

This curved lagoon is one of the most scenic destination in Morocco along the Atlantic coast. Abundance of seafood joints offering fresh oysters are the key highlight of this tourist spot. A trip to the nearby wetlands in spring or autumn can help you spot a variety of enchanting birds, including storks and pink flamingos. Tourists can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the sea, while fishing, boating, swimming, surfing and kayaking are other popular activities. Morocco vacation is just incomplete without these recreations.

  1. Fint Oasis

Located at around 20 km southwest of Ouarzazate is the lush palm garden village of “Oasis de Fint”. En route to the oasis along unpaved road, across barren and desolate stretch, one can spot the verdant date palm groves around the oasis from a distance. You can experience a beautiful blend of Sub-Saharan, Moroccan and Berber culture from the surrounding villagers. Undoubtedly your visit to this oasis completes the Morocco desert tours.

  1. Cascades of Imouzzer

Located 60 km northeast of Agadir, the Cascades of Imouzzer is frequented by visitors during wet season. The surrounding village is known for its honey and almonds. A ride along the shadowed road lined up by palm, olive, almond trees, all along the way to cascade is truly awesome.