Like any other cities of Morocco, this northern inland city has its own charm and offers visual retreat to its tourists. The historic ruins of several madrasas, mosques, zawiyas and city gates that were constructed in 9th century, serves as key tourist spot today. A trip to Fes will help you witness the influence of Idrisid, Almohad and Marinid era of the past. Popularly known as the “Mecca of the West” and the “Athens of Africa” – Fes has a lot to offer to its global visitors. And just when you get exhausted while exploring this second largest city of Morocco, the tiring soul looks for some recreations. Fes offers a host of spas, hammams, salons, baths, parks and gardens; that can rejuvenate and refresh. Your trip to Morocco is incomplete without exploring these various recreational avenues in Fes.

  1. Spas and Hammams

A visit to these traditional steam baths can be truly refreshing after a day’s outing. These hammams incorporating elements of massage and scrubbing, were originated during the time of the Roman Empire and is still a part of Morocco’s social life. Some of the best hammams in Fes can be explored for your relaxation. Les Bains Amani, Le Spa du Palais Faraj, Spa Laaroussa and Hammam Mernissi are those spots where the masseurs will pamper you like a prince or princess. Their relaxed atmosphere with stunning décor and pleasant background music provides a hypnotic sense and will make you revisit them. Few also treats you with fresh mint Moroccan tea before getting started. Your Morocco private trips aren’t special if you miss these hammams.

  1. Baths

Another form of relaxing is to visit the baths in Fes. The thermal bath complex at Sidi Harazem is one such that cannot be missed. Enjoy your Morocco vacation at this baths of Fes. The complex comprises of gardens, walkways, open air pavilions and accommodation at the site of the shrine of Sidi Harazem. This beautiful complex is setup around a large open rectangular space lined by porticoes and contains terraced gardens and water elements.

Thermes De Moulay Yacoub is another thermal bath worth a visit. Located 20 km northwest of Fes, this one is frequented by international travellers because of the benefits of its sulphurous spring waters. Offering various treatments and balneotherapy, the water here is known to have healing power.

  1. Recreational Parks

In Fes you can have some quality time with your family at some of the best amusement parks around. Festiland is one such park in the region offering loads of fun through games like paintball, quads, bumper cars, pony club, trampolines, mini train and inflatables, to mention a few.

La Ferme is a green farm located in the peaceful neighbourhood of Fes and offers various sports and swimming pools to enjoy a splash. This is an awesome place for family get together.

You cannot miss Tropicana Parc – a leisure centre located in the city of Fes that has attractions like ice skating, trampolines, pedal boats, remote control boats, electric cars and pony rides, rodeo and games room. With restaurants on the site, it’s a great place to have a fun filled weekend. A visit to these recreational zones can definitely make your Morocco vacation a memorable one.

  1. Shopping

Shopping at Fes can be truly revitalizing. The souks at the heart of medinas are blooming with shops and traders of all kinds.  The shops display their spices cluster, nougats etc. The universe of souks includes various types of trade and craft by sector. Some of the popular souks in Fes are Souk el Henna, R’cif Square Souk, Boujloud Souk, Souk Al-Attarine and Souk Serrajine. Walking the alleyways of souk and exploring the marketplace can be an amazing experience of your Morocco holidays.

  1. Gardens

The lush green gardens in the city of Fes can take away your travelling stress. Spread across 7.5 hectares, Jnan Sbil Garden is the oldest public garden in Fes. With 3000 plant species and huge trees around, this is definitely city’s green lung.  Garden Lalla Amina located in the city centre is also a great place to hang around. Another green patch that provides relaxation to the city of Fes is The Latin American Arboretum Park – with children playground and jogging trail, this green stretch along the lake side is a sought after zone among locals and tourists.