Food is an essential element to any traveler’s wish list. There’s no such traveler who wouldn’t like to try out the local cuisines on their trip to new places. And Morocco is a foodie’s paradise, known for its incredible and diverse food. Having your meal in the comfort of a Riad or luxurious resort is quite predictable, but to try out the amazing street foods in the bustling medinas or to relish fresh sea food along the beach front is a life time experience. Make sure your trip to Morocco is full of such fun activities that provides a glimpse of local culture through its grills, barbeques and bakes.

With influence of Berber, Arabic and European culture in their food, Morocco’s popular street food items are available for breakfast, lunch and snacking. For few dirhams, you can have freshly prepared foods that will definitely make you drool over it. Morocco holidays are incomplete without these lip smacking street foods.

  1. Khobz

This crusty white bread baked in wood fire ovens is a Moroccan staple and can be spotted everywhere. Its spongy center, sprinkled with nutty sesame seeds is perfect with any soup or sauce. Beghrir, harsha and rghaif are the varieties of khobz available across eateries in Morocco.

  1. Harira

This tomato based soup with chickpea and lentil is enjoyed year round as a hearty breakfast or evening supper. You can spot local women along the roadside or sidewalk set up their own stall with vast pot containing homemade harira, which is considered to be cheap and quick snack.

  1. Moroccan Shawarma

Morocco is known for this and the streets smell delicious shawarma – just take your pick of meat and decide whether to have it dished up on a plate, in a sandwich or wrap. You can also have your choice of sides and toppings in form of tahini, hummus, pickled vegetables, salad and much more.

  1. Brochettes

It’s easy to spot a stall serving Brochettes – just follow the bellowing smoke and you will find tender kebabs cooking over charcoal. These grilled meats are sprinkled with salt and spices before being served hot with khobz, harissa (red pepper sauce) and red onion. Visit Morocco to taste some fresh, succulent brochettes.

  1. Snail soup

Stalls with steaming vats of snail soup can be spotted in medinas. The snails are simmered in a soup seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices. You can choose to buy a bowl of the broth or try the snails by scooping them out with a toothpick.

  1. Sardines

Being the largest exporter of sardines, Morocco knows how best they can be served and is a staple street food. These small fishes taste heaven when grilled or deep fried and filled with a zingy chermoula paste made from parsley, cumin, paprika, garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice. You can have them at $2 in your trip to Morocco.

  1. Steamed Sheep head

Though common during the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, the preparation remains available all-round the year and can be spotted near the butcher shops where adjacent stalls will steam it up and scrape out the tender cheek meat and tongue before sprinkling spices over it to taste it like heaven.

  1. Tehal

This is probably Morocco’s version of sausage. Stuffed with ground beef, lamb or camel meat, olives, spices and a little bit of hump fat, the spleen is baked well in a communal bread oven. It is then sliced and served up in a sandwich. The creamy soft texture of tehal will drive any foodie crazy. Don’t forget to try this out on your next Morocco vacation.

  1. Mechoui

This roasted whole lamb are sold as per kilos and are prepared in the backyard by inserting the lamb in an earthen pit, enclosed with a lid covered with clay and allowed to cook for 5-6 hrs in the heat of burning woods. The juicy, tender meat is then sprinkled with spices and served hot.

  1. Ghoribas

These Moroccan cookies are sold in hand pulled carts along the souks and medinas. Made with almonds and sugar flavoured with orange flower water, these crunchy cookies complements Maghrebi mint tea very well.