The magnitude of Marrakech’s beauty not only lies in the alleyways of its old medina or the lively souks, the carnival like atmosphere of Djemaa el-Fna or the statuesque Koutoubia Mosque. But is also treasured in plenty of museums which holds the magnificent past of this UNESCO World Heritage city. The historic past and exotic culture of this “Red City” can be experienced by paying a visit to a host of museums located across the city. Make sure you cover all these museums on your trip to Morocco.

The city’s wealth of museums will surely satisfy an enthusiast and appeal to a novice. Since most of these elaborate museums are attached to gardens, they become ideal destinations for tourists when they need some respite from the sun or the souks. Explore these museums to learn the city’s past and witness native artworks. Don’t miss them in your Morocco holidays.

  1. Museum of Marrakech

Housed in Place Ben Youssef, the lavish Andalusian style inner courtyard is simply wonderful. It’s a visual treat to the tourists, with the carved cedar wood, colourful tiles, stained glass windows, ornamental pillars, large chandelier and painted doorways. One can witness varied collections of ancient past that includes pottery, calligraphy, old gravestones, paintings, clothing, coins and few historic documents. At an admission cost of 50 Moroccan dirhams, you can have glimpse of archaeology, ethnography, history and art. Your Morocco private trips should include this landmark.

  1. Dar Si Said

Located at Rue de la Bahia, this is the oldest one in the city that displays some finest craftsmanship from across Morocco. A former palace with several patios and two floors, it has splendid tile-work and an inner courtyard with an ornamental fountain. Moroccan life and traditions from the 19th century are exhibited through various items like rugs, leather goods, musical instruments, jewelry, kaftans, weapons and pottery. Entry fee here is 10 Moroccan dirhams.

  1. Heritage Museum

Located in a privately owned 17th century Moorish Riad this museum is at a short 5 minute walk from the bustling Djemaa el-Fna. It displays wonderful collection of artefacts that represent various Moroccan sub-cultures. While most of the museum items are being donated, few have been acquired by the owners – Abdellatif Alouani Bibi and Hind Sarmi. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing cup of mint tea which is included in its entry fee of 30 Moroccan dirhams. Make sure you visit this on your next Morocco vacation.

  1. Tiskiwin Museum

Housed in a Riad, it features collection of Moroccan art, baskets, jewellery and rugs. Founded by Bert Flint, a Dutch anthropologist, this museum is a hidden gem. At 20 Moroccan dirham entry fee, you can experience the cultural nuances of ancient trading route between Marrakech and Timbuktu via Sahara.

  1. Mouassine Museum

This one portrays traditional Moroccan home from the Saadi dynasty and displays Saadian architecture from the late 16th century. Known for various decorative items, Gnaoua music and other traditional form of Moroccan creative arts, it charges 30 Moroccan dirham as admission charge. Include this in your itinerary of Morocco tours for a glimpse of history.

  1. Musee Boucharouite

A relatively small museum at Derb al Cadi, this place is a must visit for those who are interested in traditional rugs and carpets. Stacked with handicrafts made by Berber women, this place charges 40 Moroccan dirham as entry fees. Don’t miss the roof top “Le cafe Boucharouite” where you can have refreshing mint tea and Moroccan tapas.

  1. Maison de la Photographie

This unique museum showcases vintage photographs that features snapshot of Morocco and Moroccan life from the 1870s to the 1960s. Moroccan rare colored documentary filmed in 1950s can be experienced here. Various original glass negatives collected from the High Atlas regions, old documents, magazines and postcards are up for exhibition.

  1. Berber Museum

Focused on Berber culture and heritage, this museum displays various practical and ceremonial items made from raw materials by the Berber community. Another section of the museum showcases artistic expression of the Berbers, with items like clothing, weaponry, jewelry, woven items and ornamental wood carvings. Located in beautiful Majorelle Garden, this is a must visit place for your Morocco private trips.

  1. Observatoire Astronomie

Located at route d’Amizmiz, within Centre Culturel Atlas Golf, this is where one can go for stargazing and astronomy. It houses the largest telescope in Morocco, with observation sessions held each Friday evening. At 160 Moroccan dirham per person, you can witness the astronomical wonders of the universe.