The coastal city of Rabat is not only the administrative capital of Morocco but an epitome of rich history and exotic culture that gets reflected through various architectural marvels that stand tall as the city’s landmark since 17th century. This charming city of North Africa with its palm-lined boulevards, pristine beaches, evocative kasbah and fortified medinas is also where several government offices and administrative buildings are located.

This UNESCO World Heritage site attracts a lot of global footfalls who visit for their sheer interest in history, art, culture and heritage. With a host of well-maintained museums across the city, tourists can get a glimpse of past through studying the ruins and treasures displayed in the gallery. If history fascinates you, then some museum hopping in Rabat is highly recommended. Don’t forget to visit these museums on your trip to Morocco.

  1. Museum of Oudayas

Also known as ‘Museum of Moroccan Arts’ this is located within the Kasbah of Oudayas and is regarded as one of the ethnographic highlights of Rabat. In existence since 1915, it has a large collection of rare jewelry, traditional clothing, weaponry and other artifacts representing Moroccan tradition and culture. Housed in an ancient fortress, this is one of those important places to visit in Morocco.

  1. Natural Science Museum

If dinosaurs and fossilized plant fascinates you, then this is the place to be. A visit to this place would reveal many interesting archaeological finds that have been native to Morocco. A sauropod dinosaur displayed here is the key highlight and is known to be discovered in 1979 from the Azilal regions of the High Atlas Mountains, after which archaeologists spent years to unearth it safely. Your Morocco vacation should definitely include this.

  1. Archaeological Museum of Rabat

Located at Rue Ifni al Brihi, this museum exhibits collections from prehistoric, palaeolithic periods and neolithic periods, portraying pre-Roman and Roman civilizations. The ‘Drunken Donkey’ and ‘Volubilis Dog’ are hot favorites among visitors while the ‘Young Man Crowned with Ivy’ is iconic of the grace and a great piece of sculpture. Don’t forget to visit this on your trip to Morocco and take a journey through time.

  1. Postal Museum

For those interested in philately this is the place to be. Established in 1970, it has remarkable collection of stamps, and also includes a variety of other communication tools such as envelopes, telephones, telegraph machines and postal vans. You can also spot first Moroccan stamp dated 1912, depicting the Aissaoura Mosque in Tangier.

  1. Museum Mohammed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art

Located at Avenue Moulay Hassan, this white house with a full façade of contemporary paintings started in 2014 and is dedicated to modern and contemporary art work. This museum is known to hold exhibitions of famous Moroccan artists.

  1. Maroc Telecom Museum

Known to be the first technological museum of Morocco, it showcases the evolution of technology and media communications. The first and oldest payphones of Morocco are on display for visitors. Detailed history of Morocco’s telephone distribution is also something which one can get to know.

  1. Bank Al Maghreb Museum

Located at Avenue Allal Ben Abdellah, this is where you get to know the currency development of Morocco and how it is being transformed from historic era. Exhibiting old currencies, it takes you back to the history of Roman Empire and moves through the Almoravid Dinar and the Dirham from the Idrisid dynasty. Make it a point to visit this unique museum on your Morocco private trips.

  1. Villa des Arts

Located at Rue Beni Mellal, this museum is encompassed in several buildings. Installations, sculpture and performance are housed in one building, while another is dedicated to permanent and temporary exhibitions. There’s a café and boutique onsite too.

  1. Musée des Voitures Classiques

A step inside this unique museum will help you witness all the stunning vintage cars on display. Vintage models of Chrysler DeSoto and Cadillac Sedan from 1957 will keep you engrossed. It is the best place to see these types of cars in Morocco and should be a must inclusion for Morocco luxury tours.