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If you are in Morocco, then their bustling local market places cannot go unnoticed. Souks, as they are called locally can become endless maze to tourists who get wonderstruck by its sheer vibrancies. This can especially be the case in Fes as the narrow alleyways can cause visitors to get lost in this historic imperial city. You can buy a lot of local souvenirs from these souks when you visit Morocco next.

Historically Fes is well connected to trans-Saharan trade route and is known for its traditional crafts. Local artisans employ skills that have been handed down through the generations to create an array of decorative items. A stroll through the city’s sprawling souks is the best way to admire local crafts, immerse in daily life, purchase few memorabilia and fully appreciate the hyperactive energy of Fes. A trip to Morocco is just incomplete if you have not explored the specialized souks of Fes.

  1. Souk el Henna

One of the oldest marketplaces in the Medina, this henna souk is a must visit for your Morocco vacation. It sells a variety of traditional Moroccan cosmetics, including henna, black soap and argan oil, which are still used routinely by locals. Some of the tree-shaded stalls sell ceramics and blue Fassi pottery as well.

  1. Boujloud Souk

Located right outside the famous gate of Bab Boujloud, which was built by the French in 1913, this is another souk to find little bits and pieces needed to cook a tagine at home. There are also local cafes lined up in this area, where you can taste some local delicacies.

  1. Souk Al-Attarine

This souk along the narrow street going from Talaa to Medersa Al-Attarine, is filled with colourful spice stalls, dried fruits and nuts, plants and rustic clothing shops. It is a perfect place to click pictures with a vivid background. Located near the Al-Zaytuna Mosque facing its northern façade, this souk sells perfumes and specialized beauty products. Don’t forget to haggle with the sellers before you settle to buy. A visit to this souk is a must in your Morocco travel itinerary.

  1. Souk at R’cif square

Located in the heart of R’cif Square this marketplace provides the chance to take in the true colors and smells of Fes. For those who shop fresh produce in the Medina knows that R’cif is the best place to go, as its traders always stock the freshest fruit, vegetables and meat.

  1. Souk Mejjadliene

This marketplace in local neighbourhood of Fes is known for leather goods like traditional belts that usually go with kaftans or djellabas, but the belts can also be incorporated into a modern outfit with a Moroccan fusion to it. Tourists are seen buying these lovely belts and try it out with their outfits.

  1. Souk Serrajine

Want to buy some fashionable slippers, then Souk Serrajine is the place to be. This colorful market in Fes is known to stock vibrant slippers made from leather, animal skin and regular fabric. Try and test a pair that suits your style and up your fashion quotient in the alleyways of Fes. A must visit place in your next Morocco holidays. You can also get silver wares here.

  1. Souk Haïk

Walk into this souk that specialises in traditional weaving, fabrics, wool and cotton for the making of djellabas, traditional caps and haik. You also get all kinds of slippers here. Set in a serene atmosphere you can hear birds chirping while you are out on shopping here.

  1. Souk Tillisse

Often frequented by locals, this marketplace sells handmade Moroccan rugs at an affordable price. Rugs varying in color, fabric, style of making, size and much more are available here and is known as the ‘Ali Baba Cavern’ for rugs.

  1. Souk Jeld

Literally meaning ‘leather market’ in local language, this souk is worth visiting if you are looking for leather related products. Leather bags, poufs, slippers and even boots are on display for the tourists. Buying some authentic leather goods for gifting can be a great deal in the alleyways of this souk. Remember to visit this place on your trip to Morocco.