Morocco has a varied topography and is a trekker’s paradise. Its arid terrains surrounded by rocky cliffs and elevated valleys beckons the adventurers from around the world. Your trip to Morocco is incomplete without such hiking or camping in the lap of nature.

The city of Marrakech too offers some splendid trekking trails to its visitors and are hard to be missed. The High Atlas Mountains in the backdrop of Marrakech with spectacular scenery and picturesque surrounding awaits you. The easily accessible regions across varied terrains will enchant you, while the local Berber culture will delight you. Make sure that your Morocco tour packages consist such trekking trails in and around Marrakech – depending on your stamina and interest, you can choose from easy to moderate grade of such hiking trails.

  1. Imlil Trek

At an elevation of 5577 ft, around 90 mins drive from Marrakech, lies the Imlil village in the lap of High Atlas. This area at the confluence of three large water-cut valleys is ideal for both gentle and moderate hikes. The soaring peaks of High Atlas and the verdant fields of walnut and apple trees provide a visual delight. The trek starts with exploring the local markets of Imlil village and then advances towards the Toubkal Kasbah that sits high on an isolated rocky outcrop. One can witness the serenity of Imlil River and get drenched at the Armed waterfall. Along the trail you can have lunch at any Berber family home and relish the local culture. The trek lasts 4 – 6 hours for a path of around 15 km in all. Omission of this trail from your Morocco holidays can be regretful.

  1. Amizmiz Valley Trek

Located approximately 55 kms south of Marrakech, at the foothills of the High Atlas, this moderate hike enjoys stunning views of the snow-capped peaks and surrounding rural landscapes, along with local Berber culture. At an elevation of 3200 ft, Amizmiz village is characterized by haphazard village homes amid olive groves and fruit orchards. September to early June is the best time for this trail covering a distance of 18 km over a duration of 6 hours.

  1. Ourika Valley Trek

Go aboard on a family friendly hike through the Ourika Valley, a part of the High Atlas known for its diverse flora, magnificent scenery, intricate rock formation and friendly locals. Around 45 mins from Marrakech, at an elevation of 4900 ft, enjoy a peaceful walk along the trails less travelled. Few excellent day hikes, such as the Kasbah Bab Ourika area and the villages of Timalesen, Azro Melloule, Tafza, and Taourirt can be explored along this stretch. Hiking to Setti Fatma is a popular destination where serene streams, sparkling falls, magnificent cliffs and terraced fields will welcome you. This 6 hour long trail is a must visit for any Morocco vacation.

  1. Jbilet Mountian Trek

Away from the hustle and bustle of city, the Jbilet Mountains are mostly unexplored. Almost 45 mins drive from Marrakech, one can witness the rural life of Morocco. One can opt for the challenging ascent of Antar summit and relish the tranquil beauty of the rolling mountains, valleys, and weathered granite outcrop. This 5 hour long hike gets you to some remarkable spots known for good photography. This beautiful trek is a compulsory one for your Morocco travel.

  1. Ouirgane Trek

Known for the picturesque green surroundings, red-earth hills and pine forests; Ouirgane is popular for day walks and horseback riding. Situated in the heart of the Toubkal National Park at an elevation of about 3300 ft, Ouirgane is 65 km south of Marrakech. The hiking path passes through isolated Berber hamlets towards the traditional salt mines at Marigha. It further continues to the Tassa Ouirgane valley through orchards near the huge forest area of Takherkhourte.

  1. Jbel Toubkal Trek

At 13500 ft altitude, Mount Toubkal is the highest point of the High Atlas and can be easily reached from Marrakech. It lays at the heart of a network of trekking trails that offer striking high altitude mountain scenery, verdant valleys and relatively untouched Berber communities. Relatively harder trek, this one would last for 2 – 6 days and needs acclimatization of the high altitude ascend. Mountain biking and skiing are popular activities that visitors engage themselves in. Don’t forget to include this trek in your Morocco travel for some adrenaline rush.