Festivals are an opportunity to indulge yourself in a host of events and sink into the local culture. Being part of the celebration also helps you to know the community better. Morocco’s diverse festivals are simply fascinating and immensely enjoyable, therefore visiting during one of them can greatly enhance your trip. Plan your Morocco tours in such a manner that you can witness the vibrant festivals of this magnificent destination.

Morocco is a country which offers something or the other for everyone, no matter when you decide to visit. This Northwest African nation celebrates few interesting events round the year which can be of immense interest to varied tourists – be it nature lover, honeymooner, adventurer or any casual traveler. Scheduling your trip to Morocco based on your interest can be beneficial and a memorable one.

  1. World Sacred Music Festival, Fes

Held in mid-summer months, this ten day festival started way back in 1994 is of international repute, where artists from various religious faiths perform together in a spirit of mutual respect and collaboration. This annual festival at Fes, highlights Moroccan culture and rich heritage to its visitors from around the world. For a unique experience and awesome entertainment, do not forget to include this fest in your itinerary.

  1. Gnaoua World Music Festival, Essaouira

Celebrated in June every year, this four day festival features art exhibitions and Gnaoua style music in the magical town of Essaouira. The fusion festival of music spread over 10 concert venues, witnesses Gnaoua masters play pop, jazz, rock and contemporary world music which attracts almost 500,000 visitors every year. This magical festival of music will leave you mesmerised and hence make it a point to be there on your next trip to Morocco.

  1. Arts Festival, Marrakech

One can feel the pulse of Marrakech’s vibrancy during this annual festival. This multi-day festival witnesses spectacular performance from artists, dancers, singers, theater troupes, fortune tellers and snake charmers from all over Morocco as well as Eurasia. You also get to see performances from ancient folk dancers of Morocco and traditional Berber musicians as well as belly dancers. Don’t miss “Fantasia” – synchronized performance of horsemanship. Holidays in Morocco during this festive season can’t get any better.

  1. Date Festival, Erfoud

The small oasis town of Erfoud gets all energetic and lively in early October to celebrate the harvest of date palms which is grown in huge quantity. The celebrations are accompanied by traditional music, dance and processions and provides the tourists a chance to sample the local delicacies, especially dates. Stalls are setup with various kind of dates and date products.

  1. Rose Festival, Kelaa-des-Mgouna

Every year, in the month of May, the rose harvest is celebrated in the oasis town of Kelaa-des-Mgouna, around 80 km northeast of Ouarzazate. The city’s air is filled with the fragrance of popular Centifolia rose or the Persian rose. You can witness rose parades and stalls selling the flowers in huge quantities at the venue. Morocco honeymoon tours will be romantic during this festive season.

  1. Jazzablanca Festival, Casablanca

Dedicated to Jazz music, this music festival runs over a period of nine days and invites a line-up of internationally renowned acts to perform alongside local talent. The coastal city of Casablanca gets all pumped up for this musical extravaganza.

  1. Timitar Festival, Agadir

Founded in 2004, this festival aims to promote the Amazigh culture, with around 800,000 in attendance. The four day musical spectacle offers classic and folklore to the contemporary and experimental forms of music to its audiences. Remember to include this festival in Morocco private trips for an enchanting experience.

  1. Marathon des Sables

This multi-stage footrace in the harshest environments of Sahara desert attracts approximately 600 competitors from 30 countries every year. Finishing 250 km under the sun among Saharan sand dunes is not a child’s play. Only adventurers and trained athletes participate in this sporting event.

  1. Wedding Festival, Imilchil

Marked by singing, dancing and feasting; this festival in Imilchil allows young men and women to choose their own spouses and many couples get engaged in the process. Every year in the month of September, Berber communities gather in rural town of Imilchil to celebrate the legend of two star-crossed lovers who drowned themselves after their parents forbade their marriage. Experience this unique festival on your next Morocco desert trip.