8 Reasons why Casablanca is captivating


Located in the central western part of Morocco bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and is an industry and business hub. However it lags behind in comparison to the exotic charms of Marrakesh and Fes. Still the city’s French colonial legacy weaved with the traditional Arab culture, ensures that there’s lot of diverse things to do and see for the tourists. Alongside the art deco buildings and old stone medina alleys, visitors can find museums, palaces and world’s second largest mosque in this port city. Morocco vacation incomplete without Casablanca in your itinerary.

Derived from the Portuguese word combination meaning “White House”, the city was originally founded and settled by Berbers back in the 7th century, which was taken over by the Portuguese in 15th century. Your trip to Morocco gets a wholesome effect when you travel to this captivating city.

  1. Hassan II Mosque

Designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau, this mosque situated on a promontory on the Atlantic Ocean is Casablanca’s prominent landmark. Your Instagram uploads with this mosque in the background should feature in your Morocco vacation diary. Its minaret is the world’s tallest at 690 feet. Completed in 1993, this splendid piece of architecture is the largest mosque in Morocco, second largest in Africa and fifth largest in the world. With hand-crafted marble walls and retractable roof, this mosque can accommodate 25000 worshippers inside and 80000 outside.

  1. Cathedral du Sacre Coeur

Designed by French architect Paul Tournon, using the Neo-Gothic style, this majestic cathedral was built in 1930s. Unfortunately it has been left to fade out in the past few decades and is now in need of serious restoration. Still in its current dilapidated state, the structure is beautiful and retains the historic past of this city.

  1. La Corniche

This beach front district in Casablanca offers some fascinating views of the sun-sea-sand. With an array of luxury hotels and restaurants, this place is known among visitors who would enjoy a scrumptious platter along with enchanting sea view. La Corniche gets a huge number of visitors in form of surfers, swimmers and sunbathers to enjoy a fun filled vacation. A stroll along the beach can also be equally refreshing and make your Morocco travel a memorable one.

  1. Place Mohamed V

This central plaza in Casablanca is home to many important official buildings, including the main post office, Palace of Justice, Prefecture, French consulate and the Bank of Morocco. Located on Avenue Hassan II, the building façade has a neo-Moorish style. Apart from its monumental statue, the square features a grand fountain dating back to 1976 which often hosts a music accompanied water show. Hang around this square to get the vibe of this beautiful city on your trip to Morocco.

  1. The Old Medina

North-west corner of Place des Nations Unies lies the old medina of Casablanca. This 19th century medina lacks the medieval magic that characterizes many Moroccan medinas, however the labyrinth of alleyways are lined up with various hardware stores, pharmacies and shops selling cheap clothing and shoes. Do not forget to bargain once you choose to shop here.

  1. Parc de la Ligue Arabe

Located south of Place Mohammed V, this rehabilitated park featuring promenades lined with palm trees, water bodies, a stadium, a skate park and an underground car park, is Casablanca’s biggest open space. Designed in 1918, this park is a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and admire the flora and fauna. On your Morocco tours, enjoy a cup of mint tea in any of the cafes lined up near the park.

  1. King’s Palace

The King’s Palace in Casablanca is a grand piece of architecture that will amaze you, with its enormous open square at the front, a surplus of guards, and a grand exterior. Though entry is restricted, this prominent landmark can be admired from outside as a tourist.

  1. Villa des Arts

Located at boulevard Brahim Roudani Rue Abou El Kacem Chabi, this is one of the largest museums in Casablanca and promotes contemporary arts in a framework of Moroccan culture and heritage. The building itself is a beautiful piece of Art Deco architecture dating back to 1934 and hosts numerous cultural events all the year round. Don’t forget to visit this museum on your holidays in Morocco.