Destination Morocco – Privacy Policy

At Destination Morocco, we do understand the utmost importance of personal data, and we take data privacy very seriously. We feel a moral responsibility towards keeping our customers’ data safe and secure against any form of data breach or sharing with unauthorized third-party organizations. However, in case of any issue arising from any data usage by our authorized partners or authorized third-party organizations, Destination Morocco will not be liable for legal inquiry or proceedings.

By accessing our website, blog, or any other content and providing information from any device including but not limited to computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile, you acknowledge that you have gone through our company’s privacy policy and terms and conditions, and understand the same.
What Personal Information do we collect?
When you fill forms on Destination Morocco’s website or social media pages, you typically share the following with us –
• Name, Address, Gender, Age, and maybe Passport Number
• The tour packages you are interested in or are buying from us
Any health or religious data we collect from you is deemed sensitive, and is strictly for the purpose of making the trip safe for you and for arranging your meals. You are consenting us to use the above information for the aforementioned purposes.
When you access our information using any device, we may also collect certain device and network-based information in order to improve your browsing experience. Rest assured, we cannot pin-point you from any information we have collected in this manner. We can’t map back browser and device information to a particular customer or visitor of ours.
When you subscribe for our tour packages and go on tours with us, we may click photos that can be used on our website, social media pages, or promotional material like brochures, testimonials, and pamphlets. In case you don’t want us to click photos of you or record your tour moments on video, kindly give it to us in writing at least 24 hours before the start of the trip.
How can we use your Personal Data?
Your personal data that’s provided to you by us directly, and by means of your browser and network information may be stored and used by us in many ways.
• Improving browsing experience – We collect your browsing information in order to improve the future browsing experience
• Marketing – We may send marketing information to you such as updates about our latest offerings, special discounts, introduction of new tours etc. If you wish to opt out of the following, you may let Destination Morocco know by means of the ‘unsubscribe’ button present on the mailers
• Improve Customer Service – We store your personal data in order to serve you better on our tours with respect to health and meal concerns
Where may your data be shared?
Your data, which may include your photos, videos, reviews etc. may be used by us on our social media handles, website, blogs, and may also be used by our partners and third-party vendors for promotional purposes. Destination Morocco is not responsible for any content that you share on your own.
• Social Media – We may put up your photos, videos, and reviews on our social media platform in order to promote our brand and its services (tour packages)
• Service Providers – These may be hotels, drivers, tour guides etc. who partner with us directly. The information residing with them may include photos and videos clicked on the tour, your mobile number, hotel names where you stayed etc.
• Referring Websites – If any of our partner websites have referred you to us, we may share certain demographic, psychographic, or behavioural information with them
• Sister Concern Companies – Any company belonging to the same owner as Destination Morocco may use your information for promotion of their products
How long is your Personal Information retained?
We retain your personal information only as long as it may be designated by law, for purposes like filing taxes or reporting them in our annual reports. There may be certain legal requirements applicable by the judiciary or government, in which cases we have to adhere to the legal bodies.
Information about your browsing behaviour is collected by means of ‘cookies’. A small cookie file is dropped onto your PC / phone / tablet / laptop whenever you visit our website. It helps us in identifying you whenever you visit our website in the future, and assists us in tailoring a unique personal experience for you. More about this can be found on
Complaints and Suggestions
In case there are any complaints or suggestions involving the privacy policy, kindly contact Destination Morocco at, or call 731-429-7897
If you think your personal information has been compromised with, kindly send a direct complain to the above-mentioned email ID. We strive hard to provide the best experiences to our clients, and look forward to resolving any queries as soon as possible, with utmost fairness and honesty.