The eclectic festivals of Morocco makes it the most sought after destination among international travellers. Visiting this northwest African nation during one such festival can be a life time experience, where you can witness the country’s rich culture and heritage through its music, play, folklore, theatre and food. The enchanting experience of its colourful celebrations will leave you in its awe. Scheduling your trip to Morocco as per festival itinerary helps you to be a part of their fascinating fiesta.

One such festival that aims cultural exchange and sustainable development through tourism is the “Taragalte Festival”. Organized by the Zaïla Association, this festival presents a wide range of programs covering world music, exhibitions, shows and workshops against the majestic backdrop of the Sahara Desert. Entertaining tourists since 2009, this musical extravaganza reunites local people and maintains the social fabric of the Sahara.

How did it all start?

In 2009, Halim Sbai, a resident of M’hamid el Ghizlane, an oasis village of the Sahara desert, along with his brother launched a music festival named “Taragalte”. Literally meaning ‘meeting place’ the aim was to celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of the Moroccan Sahara and promote culture, peace and tolerance through social cohesion in the Sahara and Sahel regions. It is to revive the long lost Caravan culture that ended due to frontiers. Attending this festival is the best part of Morocco tours.

The Venue

M’Hamid el Ghizlane, a small village in Zagora region of southern Morocco will host the ninth edition of this fiesta in October 2018.  Amidst dense green backdrop of palm groves and earthy hues of ramshackle buildings; tents are set up for various cultural activities, and open-air arenas are organised for music. The Bivouac Le Petit Prince, a desert camp 7 km from M’Hamid remains lively throughout the festive days and welcomes guest from around the world. M’Hamid which is 24 kilometres from the Algerian border at the edge of the Sahara can be reached at the end of National Route 9 from Ouarzazate via Zagora.

Festive Days and Program overview

Taragalte Festival spans over a period of three days – 26th, 27th and 28th of October 2018 and provides a unique experience of nomadic lifestyle blended with world class music. This premier annual rendezvous of music and culture is segregated into various formats.

  • Music and Dance
  • Local handicrafts
  • Parades and races
  • Workshops and talk shows

Day passes and daily entries along with festive tour packages are offered by the festive organisers and can be availed online through their official website

You can plan an exclusive Morocco desert tour with Taragalte Festival at its core to enjoy the local music and dance into the tunes of traditional chords. Experience the nomadic desert culture through its arts and crafts, while you learn to weave your own creation in the carpet from local women. Witness camel parades and get amazed by the calm nature of desert’s noble inhabitant. Celebrate together and share the love of music, art, culture and meet inspiring people from all over the world.