Marrakech being a global tourist hub, offers a host of options to its patrons for spending an active and equally entertaining evening across various venues in the city. You can experience the traditional nightlife at the city’s central medina or hang out in Djemma El Fna at night with friends to eat out at one of the food stalls or listen to the Gnawa musicians or watch some of the traditional games being played. And if you want to experience various genres of music then go clubbing with your travel buddies to enjoy some traditional Moroccan, African, Reggae music or Middle Eastern, European and Latin American Reggaeton along with hip hop.

As the night progresses music plays loud and cocktails flow on discreet terraces of medina and in Ville Nouvelle bars. Around 10 pm belly dancers take to the floor and most clubs kick off after the midnight. However, a wave of new electronic festivals fuelled the clubbing scene in Morocco, where traditional culture fuses with EDM and sends the nightclubs into a complete trance. With more and more international tourists flocking into the “Ochre City” the local pubs and nightclubs are blending all form of entertainment to keep it colorful and vibrant, so that your trip to Morocco remains a memorable one.

While every nightclub has its own resident DJ who keeps the crowd high on music through his consoles and turntables, mixing the tempo and controlling the pitch of various forms of music. On your Morocco vacation, you should watch out for DJ Katy M for some exclusive electro acoustic music which she creates.

Who is DJ Katy M?

Khadija Zizaoui as her birth certificate mentions, is a Moroccan artist passionate about music. Around two decades back, she learnt basic mixing techniques and then in 2006 decided to step into the professional world of creating some awesome music and win hearts. In 2009, she left Rabat for Marrakech to pursue a career in DJing and fulfill her dreams. A meeting with Luc Anselme, the head of 94.4 FM “Hit Radio”, and a subsequent residency contract with the Moroccan radio station in 2010, placed her on the fast lane of an illustrious career.

Being a prominent female DJ of Morocco, she has several feathers to her cap. She has been successfully swaying the crowds with her amazing mixes across several festivals and concerts like Morocco Hit Parade, Sun Festival, MadJazz Festival, Spring Deep House Festival, Saidia Med Festival and Mawazine. Apart from this, she has been playing at various students’ night across Morocco’s well known high schools.

She has been honored as “The Queen of Turntables” in 2013 by ‘Africa-Asia’, an international magazine. Infact, the previous year, Katy M was the only female DJ to be invited at the “French Connexion Music Festival”. Apart from being a professional DJ, she also teaches music and piano at the Conservatory of Essaouira and Temara.

She has also been a Jury member in several casting and competitions including the famous “Celebrity Tour 2012” tour organized by Célebrity Magazine. And the casting of the “Oulad Mogador” scene of the Gnoua festival.

On your Morocco holidays, find out where would Katy M perform and head straight away to enjoy some of her riveting mixes across genres of music. Raise your hands and sway into some electrifying composition and dance away the night in tune with Katy M’s turntable.

DJ Katy M updates

Keep yourself updated with Katy M’s latest schedule from her official Facebook page here . Though based out of Marrakech, she often tours across Morocco, so catch her performance live on your Morocco vacation accordingly. Enjoy some of her foot tapping compositions on her Mixcloud profile here

She can be reached