Along Morocco’s southern coastline by the Atlantic Ocean lies the port city of Agadir which was completely rebuilt following a devastating earthquake in 1960. With a 10 km stretch of sandy beach and an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, this port city draws global tourists for a laid back holiday alongside some popular beach activities like sailing, surfing, jet-skiing, body boarding, windsurfing and paragliding. With an eclectic nightlife, exciting beach recreation and mouth-watering restaurants, Agadir is often referred as “Miami of Morocco” and cannot be missed on your trip to Morocco.

Named after a 16th century fortress on a hilltop to its north, this coastal city is characterized by modern architecture, tree-lined wide avenues, open squares and pedestrian precincts in contrast to the narrow by-lanes of a traditional Moroccan town. Bask in year-round sunshine on Agadir’s pristine beaches for your upcoming Morocco vacation.

  1. Agadir Kasbah

City’s oldest district perched atop a hill and one has to hike uphill to witness this 15th century fortified district of Agadir. Its impressive medieval Arabic architecture will impress you and the panoramic view of the port city from that height will leave you spellbound. You can’t afford to miss clicking pictures of this historic part on your trip to Morocco.

  1. Marina D’agadir

Located south of the commercial port of Agadir and at north end of the bay lies the marina of Agadir, which is lined with boutique shops, restaurants and apartments. You can embark on luxury boat trips in a group. Enjoy the splendid views and get rejuvenated by fresh sea breeze.

  1. Beaches of Agadir

The tranquil beaches of Agadir are a definite crowd puller. The Palm Beach area is a relaxed area where one can enjoy the private beach front with showers, toilets and a kids’ play area. Apart from a host of water sports that can be experienced here, the fascinating views of sunset will make you fall for this place. Capture those awesome photos for your Instagram uploads, when you are here on Morocco vacation.

  1. Vallée des Oiseaux

This green park spread across 2.5 hectares is located in the center of Agadir and is well landscaped with a large aviary, fountains, small zoo and play areas. You can spot rare birds of South American and Asian origin along with mammals such as sheep cuffs and Barbary apes. The beauty of magnolias, banana trees, bougainvillea and oleanders will make your leisurely stroll more refreshing. Pay 5 dirham as entry fee and enjoy the nature’s beauty on your Morocco holidays.

  1. Musée du Patrimoine Amazigh

Located on the Boulevard Hassan II on the Ait Souss Square, this heritage museum is completely dedicated to the Berbers of the Souss-Massa-Draa region. The museum houses collector coins related to Amazigh culture and traditions, with more than 900 exhibits. Culture vultures will definitely find this place exciting.

  1. Souss Massa National Park

Created in 1991, located south of Agadir, this park spreads across 33800 hectares of wetlands and rippled sand dunes. However, the center of attraction is the Oued Massa River, where numerous exotic birds can be spotted. It is here that one can see the northern bald ibis. Hiring a Guide for the park tour is must. Enjoy the lush green surroundings which is also the breeding ground for few endangered birds.

  1. Mémoire d’Agadir

Located at Avenue Mohammed V, this museum displays various photos of Agadir before and after the major earthquake of 1960. There’s an adjacent garden to this museum. It has collection of some vintage photo of the city. A must visit place for shutter bugs and photography enthusiasts on your trip to Morocco.

  1. Ancienne Talborjt

This historic ruins below the Kasbah covers the remnants of old Agadir town and constitutes a mass grave for all those who died in the 1960 earthquake. The area is near Sidi Ahmed Boutini and Wilaya of Agadir.