Located on the picturesque Saharan plain at the foot of Jebel Bani, Tata was an oasis settlement along the trade route from West Africa. Roughly meaning ‘take a break’ in Tashelhit, it was the men from Saharan caravans, who used to rest here on their long tiring journey path. Close to the Algerian border, the small town has a garrison feel, with four types of police and military stationed here, and one may bump into them on their way into this town. Exploring Tata is all fun – you can stroll or ride a car or a motorcycle or even can take a donkey ride. Your Morocco vacation will get a new dimension if Tata is included in the bucket list.

Tourists generally use Tata as a base camp for excursions in and around the area. Known for its beautiful Ksour, Tata’s archaeological heritage, its pottery and jewelery are the major tourist puller. At an elevation of 3280 ft it remains a true natural marvel with its imposing blocks of pink granite and splendid flora.

  1. El Kelaa M’gouna

Nature lovers and shutterbugs would find this valley quite fascinating. El Kelaa M’gouna or the valley of roses is known for its apricots, but especially for its variety of roses.  This valley is rich of its traditions and Berber culture. The splendid landscapes around and friendly inhabitants will extend warm welcome to every visitor. Best time to visit is April – May, just when roses are in full bloom and you will come across many locals busy picking the roses from the fields. You can experience this unique offering from Mother Nature on your trip to Morocco.

  1. Ait Yassine Village

This compact open village ruins is the best place for camping in Tata. Located at the southern and eastern part near the cities of Agadir as well as Taroudannt, this village is in the desert plains of Sahara. You can experience the local livelihood and culture by befriending the humble locals. Spend a day with the locals to know Tata better. Don’t miss this unique opportunity on your Morocco holidays.

  1. Oasis of Aguinan

Visit this oasis where a ribbon of green water and an explosion of palm trees slicing through the yellow sand of the desert will welcome you. A great view which any photographer would want to capture in their DSLR, this oasis is a pleasant spot to take a leisurely stroll. The narrow winding roads among the palm grove is embraced by houses, orchards and palm trees; keeping the entire region shaded and cool. Camping near the oasis is a great option for the visiting tourists. Have some great time here on your Morocco vacation to Tata.

  1. Cobblestone houses

One unique feature in Tata that will definitely attract you is the colored cobblestone houses. This is an age old theme that has been practiced here by the locals. Using of stones instead of rammed earth to build houses in the local tradition and an architectural wonder. The stone actually inspires different exterior color palettes. Posing in front of such houses and clicking a selfie can make your Instagram friends envious.

  1. Souks of Tata

The Moroccan souks are always an exciting place to be. The hustle and bustle of the local market place is both photogenic as well as a great place to observe the locals in action. The souks of Tata is also vibrant and will help you fetch souvenirs and other handicrafts at an affordable price. Located at Avenue des FAR in Tata, the souk is a place where you need to use some haggling skills to get anything at the right price. On your trip to Morocco, visit the souks to get the vibe of Tata.