Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences money can buy. If you’re of the mindset that experiences are worth more than mere objects of desire, traveling produces the most reward. From glimpsing a building that’s been standing for a thousand years to watching memories unfold like a well-structured novel, travel is incredible. That being said, it’s expensive, daunting and hard to organize. As travel pros, we know exactly how many bumps in the road you’ll come across in your travels. From your booking reservation asking for a last minute 500 security in British Pounds to your shoe’s sole busting out in the middle of the street, there are so many hurdles you’ll have to jump. Unfortunately, you can’t just utilize your common sense and hope it turns into some savvy traveler credentials, you need advice. As world travelers, we believe it’s our duty to help prevent the disasters that can be sidestepped and the unexpected disasters can be navigated.