Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences money can buy. If you’re of the mindset that experiences are worth more than mere objects of desire, traveling produces the most reward. From glimpsing a building that’s been standing for a thousand years to watching memories unfold like a well-structured novel, travel is incredible. That being said, it’s expensive, daunting and hard to organize. As travel pros, we know exactly how many bumps in the road you’ll come across in your travels. From your booking reservation asking for a last minute 500 security in British Pounds to your shoe’s sole busting out in the middle of the street, there are so many hurdles you’ll have to jump. Unfortunately, you can’t just utilize your common sense and hope it turns into some savvy traveler credentials, you need advice. As world travelers, we believe it’s our duty to help prevent the disasters that can be sidestepped and the unexpected disasters can be navigated.

Have Monetary Back-Up

Pretty much anywhere you go abroad there is a very serious chance that you will be pick-pocketed, but it won’t be by some sweet little kid by the name of the Artful Dodger. It’ll likely be some trashy person that bombards you in the pres of people trying to see whatever tourist attraction you’re gathered around. In this scenario, you don’t want to have your only access to digital or physical money be suddenly inaccessible. Get a second debit card or credit card printed up and delivered before your jet set off to another place. This will ensure you’re not stranded with only 20 bucks worth of a currency in your pocket.

Use a Map, But Get Lost

This may seem like an odd tip, but it’s crucial to getting to know the area. Often times, folks don’t spend enough time looking away from their GPS that’s faithfully guiding them to their destination, and so they don’t enjoy the area. They don’t witness anything outside of their worldview, they don’t really get the full experience. Let yourself get lost, at worst you’ll have to ask a local how to get back to your hotel or the metro. Wander aimlessly and pop out the map when you need to find your way back. At the very least, it’ll help you get acquainted with your own sense of direction.

Enjoy Yourself

You don’t actually need to be afraid of your own shadow, or anyone else’s for that matter. There’s a litany of resources that are available to every tourist and we’ll be there to help you along the way. If you’re interested in traveling to Morocco or anywhere abroad, we can point you in the right direction. We’ll show the ropes of what you need to bring, what you should avoid, and what you totally have to see. Everyone deserves the right to travel and see the world in a light they’ve never seen before. Your next adventure awaits, you have only to reach out and take the opportunity.

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