Morocco is an exotic locale. It’s full of colorful, rich landscapes, expression art at every turn and a spark of the unpredictable. But it’s also going to hold some culture shock for you. Your culture is likely extremely different from the local Moroccan culture. There are different nuances in the way they speak and what they think is polite and impolite can color your experience on your upcoming vacation. If you’re hoping to be at least a bit prepared for any potential culture shock that might make your trip harder to navigate, we think we can help.

Access Locals Who Can Educate You

When you choose a company like Destination Morocco, you’re choosing a five-star experience, but you’re choosing the local experience. You’re opting for better spots to eat at, better secret views and a local flavor of all the sites to see. But you’re also opting in for a real taste of the culture. When you’re on your tour, you’ll be looped into a side of the culture that most don’t get to glimpse, which means you’ll be treated like a local and expected to act like a one too. Ensuring that you don’t feel too much culture shock upon your arrival can protect you from focusing on trying to adapt to the culture you were suddenly thrust into, rather than enjoying your trip. In fact, there are actually stages of culture shock that can be avoided if you feel prepared upon your arrival.

The Stages of Culture Shock:

First, there’s the initial euphoria, which is what we want you to occupy for your entire stay while in Morocco. You’ll certainly be able to notice the differences in culture, but you’ll find them charming rather than disorientating. Eventually, the euphoria starts to diminish, and if you’ve never traveled internationally before that might happen sooner than you’re expecting it to. It takes some time to adjust to how things are handled in a different country, from money exchanges to just how they handle the custom of holding the door open for each other. If you’re confused and tired from traveling for 14 straight hours, you won’t be in the mood to adapt to a new environment that you’re completely unfamiliar with. You’ll just start feeling disorientated and eventually frustrated. This will significantly impact the enjoyability of your trip. After the initial frustration, there’s the adjustment stage. This will see you as finally being able to relax into the role of the culture and explore what you like about it rather than feeling unmoored in regard to the differences. This stage leads into the mastery stage or what we like to call “biculturalism.” You’ll be able to understand cultural nuances and find comfort in your own skin while at your destination. You’ll be able to converse with strangers comfortably and make predictions about the order of things like traffic and other cultural indicators in the area.

Don’t Let The Ravages of Culture Shock Ruin Your Trip

Come prepared for your adventure in Morocco from the day you arrive. Azdean, the founder of Destination Morocco, is proud to offer cultural orientation lessons. You can find out more about your destination as well as highlights you’ll have to make it to for your trip to Morocco to be as amazing as you’re picturing it will be. Good travelers are always prepared. Start getting ready for your trips like a pro with Azdean and a host of our other tour guides now.


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