Did you know that the Roman empire extended all the way to North Africa, up to Morocco? The ancient city of Volibulis is a testament to the Roman settlements, because it is a city that houses the ruins of Roman empire. It is also known for the beautifully preserved mosaic tile structures from the Roman era. If you are a history lover, or someone who loves to enjoy or photograph beautiful structures, then Volibulis deserves a place in your itinerary.

It is said that this ancient Roman occupation dates back to 225 BC! While the structures are in ruins, they are still magnificent as ever, showing the might that the Roman empire once possessed. A lot of the magnificence can be attributed to the fact that these ruins have been maintained really well over the years. Due to the preservation of these historically important structures, UNESCO has granted world heritage site to Volibulis.

You will be amazed to see the advancements in architecture even during ancient times. Town planning was done meticulously, and almost scientifically! Every structure is planned in a way that reflects the rich geographical knowledge that the Romans possessed with respect to planetary positions. You can see the huge bath and spa area, the tracks where chariots used to race, and the ginormous dining areas!

Volibulis is just a 2-hour drive from Morocco’s capital city Rabat. It also falls enroute Fez from Chenchaouen. So depending on which part of the country you are in, you can accommodate Volibulis in your plans. The Moroccan countryside is adorned with mountains and trees, making it a lovely drive from Rabat to Volibulis.

Regardless of where you are in Morocco, Volibulis is one place that should be etched well in your itinerary. Make sure that you visit this place to see how Roman architecture is preserved in a North African country, making it such a beautiful blend of Africa and Europe.