When you hear about a desert, things like sand dunes, camel safaris, and mirages may strike your mind. But how often do you think about health and wellness when you think of a desert? Merzouga, situated at the edge of the famous Sahara Desert, was recently ranked the 4th best place for health tourism by one of the world’s leading travel magazines.

As soon as dawn breaks, you will find the natives of Merzouga going to work. And work, for a lot of them, means digging holes in the desert. The holes are meant for tourists who wish to bury themselves in it. It is a kind of therapeutic treatment that Merzouga has become famous for across the world. Buying oneself in hot sand is a therapy that supposedly helps those who suffer from skin disorders, rheumatism, and arthritis among other diseases. And this therapy is being likened to hot sauna that helps rid the body of harmful toxins.

Merzouga is a small town situated in eastern Morocco. While the town doesn’t have much to offer in terms of tourism, it is the gateway to Erg Chebbi dunes, which is usually a must visit place on every traveler’s itinerary. In this area, many tours and travel companies offer Camel ride packages to explore the desert. Once you are in the Sahara Desert, you will be in for a visual treat. As you go onto your journey, you will notice the color of the sand changing with the changing color of sky.

Night times can be a great deal of fun inside the desert. You can either chose to park your camels and spend the night camping inside tents, or visit a Berber village. The former will allow you to spend a night gazing at the shimmering stars in the dark of the night, whereas the latter will allow you to savor some Berber cuisine, local music, and their culture.

The Erg Chebbi dunes are a collection of dunes, of which the dune of Merzouga is about 500 feet tall. It may seem like a hard climb, but once you are on the top, the stunning view is absolutely worth the climb. Once you climb, you will be able to witness sunset over the lake. If you wondering how did a lake appear in the middle of the desert, let us tell you that Morocco is an absolutely fantasy filled country, composed of the most mystical of things.

The lake in discussion is the lake of Merzouga, which is known for great marine diversity. You can also observe different species of birds around this lake.

In case you are planning to go to Merzouga, it is advisable to choose the winter months, as summer temperatures can soar up to 50 degrees Celsius!