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    Exploring the vivid Souks of Fes

        If you are in Morocco, then their bustling local market places cannot go unnoticed. Souks, as they are called locally can become endless maze to tourists who get wonderstruck by its sheer vibrancies. This can especially be the case in Fes as the narrow alleyways can cause visitors to g…Read More

  2. Top 5 activities to indulge yourself in Fes

          Like any other cities of Morocco, this northern inland city has its own charm and offers visual retreat to its tourists. The historic ruins of several madrasas, mosques, zawiyas and city gates that were constructed in 9th century, serves as key tourist spot today. A trip to Fes …Read More

  3. 8 Reasons why Fes should be your next destination

        Founded in 8th century by Moroccan ruler Idris II, the mystical city of Fes went on to become the capital and spiritual center of Morocco later. Literally meaning “pickaxe” in Arab, the name of the city became Fes when lines of the city was created by a pickaxe made of gold and sil…Read More