1. Exploring Marrakech’s trekking trails

    Morocco has a varied topography and is a trekker’s paradise. Its arid terrains surrounded by rocky cliffs and elevated valleys beckons the adventurers from around the world. Your trip to Morocco is incomplete without such hiking or camping in the lap of nature. The city of Marrakech too offers som…Read More

  2. What nature lovers can expect in Morocco

      The spectacle of Morocco lies in its scenic mountain ranges, expanse of stunning deserts, picturesque green oases, national parks filled with wildlife and stretches of coastline. Morocco tours are incomplete without exploring these natural beauties. As a part of the Mediterranean basin, this …Read More

  3. 10 Reasons why you should visit Marrakech

      Morocco is magical, and Marrakech is simply magnificent. Located to the north of the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas lies the picturesque old fortified city of Marrakech. The city’s culture, history and vibrancy will definitely leave you in its awe. Derived from Berber words “amur” a…Read More

  4. How Do You Ride a Camel In Morocco?

      Camel ride in Morocco desert tours is one of the most unique and enchanting things that you will ever experience. Riding this “ship of the desert” in the golden sand dunes of the Sahara is one experience that demands you to enjoy the moments to their fullest. However, are the Morocco dese…Read More