1. The Expert’s Guide to the Museums of Marrakech.

        The magnitude of Marrakech’s beauty not only lies in the alleyways of its old medina or the lively souks, the carnival like atmosphere of Djemaa el-Fna or the statuesque Koutoubia Mosque. But is also treasured in plenty of museums which holds the magnificent past of this UNESCO World…Read More

  2. Top 5 activities to indulge yourself in Fes

          Like any other cities of Morocco, this northern inland city has its own charm and offers visual retreat to its tourists. The historic ruins of several madrasas, mosques, zawiyas and city gates that were constructed in 9th century, serves as key tourist spot today. A trip to Fes …Read More

  3. 8 Reasons why Fes should be your next destination

        Founded in 8th century by Moroccan ruler Idris II, the mystical city of Fes went on to become the capital and spiritual center of Morocco later. Literally meaning “pickaxe” in Arab, the name of the city became Fes when lines of the city was created by a pickaxe made of gold and sil…Read More

  4. The Best Museum in Rabat

      The coastal city of Rabat is not only the administrative capital of Morocco but an epitome of rich history and exotic culture that gets reflected through various architectural marvels that stand tall as the city’s landmark since 17th century. This charming city of North Africa with its palm…Read More

  5. 9 fascinating festivals of Morocco you shouldn’t miss!

      Festivals are an opportunity to indulge yourself in a host of events and sink into the local culture. Being part of the celebration also helps you to know the community better. Morocco’s diverse festivals are simply fascinating and immensely enjoyable, therefore visiting during one of them …Read More

  6. 7 reasons to fall in love with Rabat

      Being one of the four imperial cities of Morocco, the ravishing Rabat by the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of Bou Regreg River cannot be left out of your itinerary. Rabat is not only Morocco’s capital but a UNESCO World Heritage site. Setup in late 11th century, this city had always been of huge …Read More

  7. 7 Reasons that should inspire you to visit Morocco

        Are you a travel enthusiast and wondering which country to visit next? Be it solo traveler or travelling with family and friends, celebrating your honeymoon or enjoying your anniversary – one location plays a perfect host to all kind of travelers from around the world. There is so mu…Read More

  8. Top 10 Street Foods in Morocco

        Food is an essential element to any traveler's wish list. There’s no such traveler who wouldn’t like to try out the local cuisines on their trip to new places. And Morocco is a foodie’s paradise, known for its incredible and diverse food. Having your meal in the comfort of a Riad…Read More

  9. Why we love these top 5 beaches in Morocco (and you should too!)

    Life is a beach in Morocco and beach lovers are spoilt for choices to romance the sand, sea and sun. A trip to Morocco is incomplete unless you get tanned in the exotic beaches along the coastline of North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. A leisurely stroll along the sea witnessing the beauty o…Read More