Who are we?

Destination Morocco was born to solve the classic problem of tour planning. As travelers ourselves, we realized that planning a trip and making an itinerary is often a complicated process and involves countless hours of researching and shortlisting. This is what inspired us to hand craft some of the most enthralling and exciting tour packages to help you experience the land of the sub-Saharan desert. Destination Morocco is one of the premier tours and travel companies specializing in Moroccan tour packages. Right from 3-day mini tours to extensive 15-day vacations, we have designed packages that will suit both your time frame and budget. Our objective is to let you enjoy the mystical land of Atlas Mountains, the magnificent Sahara and lovely ocean beaches and oasis in your own time.

Why Morocco?

Morocco is a melting pot of culture, and the perfect gateway between the East and the West. For decades, it has captured the fancy of Hollywood film makers and eastern traders alike. It is one place that infuses a sense of being at home yet gives you a feeling that there’s so much more to explore in this far-off land. This exotic locale attracts the rich and the famous, so why should you leave it out of your travel plans? The who’s who of the entertainment world right from David Beckham to J-Lo, and Winston Churchill to Jimi Hendrix have visited and have spoken highly of its charms. Why wouldn’t they? The old historic oasis towns lead to fascinating canyons and everything makes for a picturesque and breathtaking view. At night, you can enjoy the shimmering stars while camping in the Saharan desert and listen to mystical tales of this land from natives tour guides. It’s an area full of enthralling magic and never-ending adventures.

Helping You Enjoy Morocco Like a Native

While everyone visits shopping destinations in renowned cities like Marrakesh, Casablanca, and Fez, there’s no experience that can parallel enjoying a country like a native. We believe that the sights and sounds of Morocco can be best experienced by mingling with the nomads, listening to the music, appreciating its art, and taking part in the cultural celebrations. That’s why Destination Morocco is your go-to when it comes to planning a Moroccan vacation. At Destination Morocco, we endeavor to make your sub-Saharan experience a truly authentic one. Our collaboration with experts who are well versed with the nitty-gritty of Morocco ensures that each trip we undertake is exceptional, inspiring, and enriching. We will show you around some of the cities that have left their mark in history as monumental kingdoms, the sparkling deserts of the Sahara where a magical camel ride beckons to you, and street cafes where you can enjoy a coffee or a mint tea after a tiring day of sight-seeing.

Book With Us

If you believe that Morocco is a land that fascinates you, then don’t hesitate to book a tour with us. We will plan your entire travel itinerary right from comfortable accommodation to lovely sight-seeing, and make sure that you go back with a life enriching experience.