Azdean Elmoustaquim

Founder – Destination Morocco.


Born in the imperial city of Marrakech, Azdean Elmoustaquim is a true Moroccan with his ancestors hailing from the small Berber village of Télouet, where he often visited during his summer vacations.  Even today he relives his childhood through his latest venture “Destination Morocco” – that promises to portray the best of Morocco to all its clientele.


After completion of his schooling from Lycée Ibn Sina in Marrakech, Azdean went on to attend Texas Southern University in Houston and thereafter had an illustrious career in hospitality industry for 15 years. In 2007, he started with his own venture “All Seasons Limousine” and has been delighting customers with all love, enthusiasm and experience. With over a decade in transportation industry he has been successfully generating smiles per miles among his corporate clients.

In midst of all this, somewhere the native Berber in him kept nagging. Though he visits his home town every year, he misses his friends and relatives back in Morocco. Meeting his old buddies in the alleyways of the vibrant city over a cup of mint tea makes him nostalgic. Back in the US, he wanted to showcase the beauty of this Northwest African country to the rest of the world. And with an aim to offer the best of Morocco, he and his wife co-founded “Destination Morocco” in 2016.

Since its inception “Destination Morocco” is helping its patrons to enjoy Morocco like a native. Effective customer centricity blended with nomadic roots, unparalleled local knowledge and high degree of professionalism; it is creating happy customers globally through various customised trips to Moroccan cities and villages.

Azdean is based out of Houston, Texas and loves to paint and watch movies in his spare time. The picturesque Morocco inspires him to play with colours on the canvas. He is an ardent fan of soccer and actively participated in the team game during his growing up years.