Morocco is a country full of vibrant colors, unique adventures and stunning local sights. We’re proud to offer a variety of Morocco tours to meet your budget, beginning with our 3 to 5 day tours. All of our tours include nightly accommodations and scenic views like you’ve never seen before. From desert tours to camel back treks through the Sahara, we offer it all to give our visitors the full experience.

Simply check the availability of each tour to ensure there is space when you’ll be visiting, hit the “book now” button and we will handle the rest. We can’t wait to show you around our incredible expansive desert landscapes and introduce you to the local culture. 

Think that 3 to 5 days won’t be long enough? Be sure to check out the availability for our 6 to 10 day tour and 11 to 15 day tours as well.

Our Featured Five Day Tour:

The Morocco Historical & Cultural Discovery Tour

Marrakech Experience

As a country that rests close to some of the most prominent cities in human history, our own history is rich, enthralling and colorful, which is why we need all five days to show you the highlights of our incredible habitat. The first exotic locale that we introduce you to is, of course, Marrakech. We’ll show you around all of Medina (old city) where there are a collection of impressive and totally authentic shops that make you feel as if you have taken a step back in time. Hunt and barter for beautiful, buttery leather shoes with hand-sewn stitching or sample and purchase completely unmatched perfumes made from spices and other unique ingredients. You can traverse the magnificent gardens surrounding towering palaces that put into perspective the grandeur of the people who have come before.

The Wildeness

We’ll continue on to show you places of historical significance like Pasha Glaoui Kasbah one of the medieval caravan stops that was once the seat of the powerful Glaoui family. It’s not far from the Ait Benhaddou the perfect crumbling clay city from all of the middle eastern dramas you’ve ever seen. It served as a set to films like Son of God, Gladiator, and Oedipus Rex and is a beautiful anthropological sight that can’t be beat.

The History in the Sand

You Adventure isn’t anywhere near over yet though. After Ait Benhaddou, you’ll venture further into the Sahara through Ouarzazate, a medieval Moroccan clay city that is called the gate to the Sahara, before you venture into the sprawling, glittering desert. You’ll trek upon camel back by the Todra Gorge, a chain of limestone river canyons that decorate the eastern side of the Atlas Mountains and the into the historic town of Tinerhir. Once more, you’ll be able to venture into the depths of the sand dunes and traverse the Erg Chebbi full of wind-blown sand and high sun where you’ll find the Bedouin style camp full of authentic cuisines and music.

The Gateway

Upon your return to Ouarzazate, you’ll get the chance to truly explore the city. You’ll be able to shop in their many bazaars, get lost in the pressing maze of stucco and clay buildings with winding cobblestone streets and merchants selling their wares from all manner of stands and baskets. You can indulge in a spa day, or sit by the pool at your luxury hotel provided in your tour. Delve into the bazaars to find more hand-crafted leather goods unique, incredible spices to flavor your cuisine and explore courtyards paved with gorgeous, intricate mosaics and palm trees beside towering, swaying palm trees.

Back to Marrakech

On our final day together, we’ll guide you back to our starting point in Marrakech where you’re welcome to take another tour that’s more culture or food based to satisfy your curiosity before you continue your desert adventures in the sprawling ultimate Middle Eastern metropolis.

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